Monday, October 13, 2014

Mastering the Tuck

Be a stylish chic by simply tucking in and add an extra class that never goes out of style.

Stay chic!! 💋💋💋

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life of Light

Remember where your light comes from. We may have some dark times yet we still have to consider that Life is a gift.



Saturday, August 16, 2014

White over something White

There was a legend about women, stated that we're not allowed to wear white after giving birth. Women had their clothes lock out in their closet for some time and only allowing them to wear white in few periods every year. Luckily, that rule was meant to be broken. 

Ever wonder how to wear your whites on a chilling night out?
Here's what I had on my TGIF. 

I had my oversize muscle tee(HSM) over ankle pants(GUESS) then glam it with both silver necklace(ALDO accessories) and pointed flats(MKNY). If you're like me who's a little uncomfortable going all-in with the white, small pops of color like the fuchsia pink clutch(RajoLaurel) and bralet top(Calvin Klein underwear) will pare down the intensity of the look while still keeping it fun (and less bridal!). 

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Have a Slice from Slice (review)

Sweets boost my mood because they remind me of happier times. 
It's psychological, whenever I eat sweet treats (especially chocolates, cakes and ice cream) I remember positive personal memories of being a kid. 

Aha! Yeah.. A simple magic trick that works well for me

Few months ago a friend of mine asked me to see this shop in Taguig but I was busy due to work at the same time completing my requirements for a job abroad so it easily skipped my mind. 

Until last week, I saw an Instagram post regarding the shop my friend was referring to; so I thought I should drop by ASAP and treat my self for something good since I am feeling really exhausted, anxious and depressed these past few days. 
Slice is located at G/F Southeast block, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue corner 29th Street, Bonifacio Global, Taguig. It is owned by our lovely Senator Pia Cayetano. It seems like Senator Pia is not only good on advocating women and children's right but also a good entrepreneur. 

          "A slice of the good life.” -- the Slice slogan that makes me sink into their cozy couch. 

I indulged myself in their famous yema cupcake and it was awesome. People knew I have sweet tooth yet hard to please so when I say it's awesome it is really awesome. I don't want to exaggerate but  my heart melts on my first bite and it seems I can't get enough of it. 


The Chocolate Cupcake is moist (super moist) and perfectly baked topped with yema! Somehow you'll think about that chocolate and yema might be way too sweet to be paired up but not really with this cupcake. Sweetness is just right, it taste like sunshine and I assure you'll crave for more! 



So if you're just roaming around Manila and looking for sweet escape from reality, I highly suggest you visit this dessert haven at Slice High Street Taguig. 

Have a great weekend!! 

Slice Website:

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A letter to August

Dear August, 

Your first day stroke me with a bad dream. 
A cyclic dream that symbolizes of my sleepless nights. 
It's already 3:00 am and still can't fall asleep. 
You left me with nothing to count, as you took all my sheep.
Before you came, I talk alot to July and said that I've always wanted to skip you and runaway.
But since June, genie went on a holiday.

What to do, what can I do when I know you're already here. 
Please don't get mad when I say that you're the month that breaks my heart into pieces. 
Whenever I ask you to let the two people dear to me give me warm hugs and kisses. 

What to say, what can I say when I know you will strike my eyes with your arrows.
Tears fall and crawl as I feel my sorrows.
Though you're obviously mean to me --still,you let me lick an ice cream to give me a hyped.
Then make my brain freeze for 20 seconds and let me somehow forget a bad dream.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dare to go Bare

Beauty isn't make up, yet it gives us confidence to feel pretty. So I wonder how about those girls who are not wearing make up, do they feel confident everytime they went out to public? 

People will stare and will notice your flaws ---a moment that will make feel anxious.
Acceptance and trying to be appealing to the mistaken preference of others is now the common reason why some women wear cosmetics. 

But we got it all wrong, acceptance of real beauty start on ourselves, you have to feel all secure with your own body. 

There's nothing wrong of putting your make up on because you have the prerogative to do so but what I'm saying with or without cosmetics "you are beautiful" and once you find it out, people will accept even you walk out to your door "Bare".


#DareToGoBare #NoMakeupSelfie #Beautiful

Meeting my good friends

Cooking isn't just something that we do in order to eat. It can be a great way of showing your love to the people.